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Web Office Demos


For an instant impression of how easy it is to use TOMMIE you can login to our test site, using a desktop PC, laptop, PDA or Smartphone. The site is pre-populated with dummy data which you can manipulate at will. It runs on the actual TOMMIE servers, so the way it works and the impression you get is all absolutely real.

Click here to visit the TOMMIE live demo site now



Here you will find a number of demos that show many of TOMMIE's key features. They're based on actual recordings of TOMMIE sessions, so you'll get to see some real screens and just how easy TOMMIE is to use.

Click here to view TOMMIE's recorded demos



This section contains a number of demos showing TOMMIE working on a particular Smartphone (it works beautifully on many others too). Again, the demos are based on real screen grabs taken from a mobile TOMMIE session, so you'll get to see just how it looks and what functions you have access to when using TOMMIE on your mobile or PDA.

Click here to view TOMMIE's Mobile Demos



This section features a few screens designed using TOMMIE's in-built theme feature.

Click here to view TOMMIE's Custom Design Screens