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Online Office Security

Ensuring Peace Of Mind . . .

SSL Encryption

With most commercial websites, only personal and financial information is encrypted (e.g. your account and credit card details). However, since ALL the information that you enter into and retrieve from TOMMIE is unique to your company and potentially highly sensitive we have taken extra precautions. Using industry standard 128bit SSL encryption, we encrypt not just your credit card details but ALL the data that flows through TOMMIE.

Hardware Protection

TOMMIE runs on a number of powerful and tightly controlled servers ensuring that your experience with TOMMIE is fast and secure. Numerous measures have been employed to ensure that the TOMMIE hardware (and your sensitive data) is well protected from the outside world. In addition, we have deployed a sophisticated backup system (in a different physical location to the main servers) to ensure that TOMMIE is able to provide continuity of service in the event of a hardware failure.

ISO 27001 - Global Security Standard

TOMMIE Systems Ltd has been independently audited by the highly respected British Standards Institute (BSI) and certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2005, the globally recognised information security standard. For more about our certification choose the navigation option on the left, or click here to read more about the Standard.

User Access Control

Each user will have their own login account which determines not only which data they have access to (e.g. a user will not be able to view other users' private contacts) but also which TOMMIE screens they can use. Your Site Administrator is able to set up new users as required and also suspend and delete old users. Users are able to change their own password and the Site Administrator can reset any user's password in the event that they forget it.

User Permissions

Although TOMMIE provides each new user with permission to access a minimal set of screens by default, the permissions are under the control of your Site Administrator, allowing them to define which screens each user has access to and which screens they are prevented from accessing. For example, you would probably want to restrict access to the credit card details screen to just one or two users but give all users access to the Calendar screens.

Customer List

As an additional security measure we do not publish the names of our customers.