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Online Office for Mobile Executives

Mobile office working

Stay in Control . . . Wherever

Because TOMMIE doesn't require any special technology it's ideal for mobile workers, sales reps, customer support staff, client service people, engineers, trades people – basically, anyone who is out of the office a lot can keep in touch and manage their affairs in numerous different ways, such as:

  • Use your laptop, iPhone or Smartphone
  • Plan your week without calling in to the office
  • Let the office see what you're up to . . .
  • . . . and keep up with what your colleagues are doing back at base
  • Change timezone without messing up your (or anyone else's) shared diary
  • Find contacts on the office system that aren't in your personal folders
  • Fill in and file expenses between meetings
  • Catch up on admin from home or out on the road

This is just a small taste of what TOMMIE can do. For more, click here.