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Helping the Accounts Department

Online accounting system for expenses and timesheets

It All Adds Up

Routine admin requirements shouldn't be a problem, and moreover, they shouldn't be YOUR problem. Collating information on a company or department-wide basis should be simple, but what happens when everyone uses a slightly different system or fills in their forms incorrectly? How do you ensure that everyone abides by the same rules and uses the same forms, the same cost centres and the same expense categories (the latest versions!). How can you provide the board with useful information in just a matter of minutes? TOMMIE can help you by:

  • Providing all staff with the same online expense claim forms
  • Ensuring that everyone uses the same, bang up-to-date job code/ numbering system
  • Applying standard mileage expense allowances for each member of staff
  • Standardising the time recording/ timesheet reporting system
  • Automatically totalling expenses by individual, by category and by cost centre
  • Automatically totalling timesheet hours by individual, by category and by cost centre

This is just a small taste of what TOMMIE can do. For more, click here.