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HR Manager

TOMMIE is the HR manager's friend. People who need to understand what other people are doing will soon find TOMMIE's 'transparency' invaluable. Human resources can be planned around holidays, sickness, meetings and workloads in many ways, for example:

  • Staff details can easily be added to/ deleted from the system
  • Holiday requests/ approved holidays can all be automatically copied to the HR manager, allowing plenty of time for cover to be booked
  • As soon as a sickness is reported the HR manager can be emailed with an alert so that temp cover can be arranged
  • Holiday bookings can be easily reviewed en masse, showing potential weak spots
  • Attendance records are easy to view for any person and between any two dates
  • Departmental 'health' checks can be carried out by reviewing attendance records across a whole group of people
  • It's easy to spot gaps in the calendar where, for example, company events can be arranged

This is just a small taste of what TOMMIE can do. For more, click here.