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Helping Facilities Managers

Online facilities management

Who, What, Where and When?

As a facilities manager you may need to know who is going to be using what rooms and when, who will need late access to a particular facility and who will be present at a certain place or time. Every meeting entered into TOMMIE's calendar has a room (or venue) associated with it, so you can see:

  • What rooms must be free and resourced at what times
  • What type of meetings are scheduled for each room (will projection facilities be required?)
  • Who is due to attend meetings in your offices (will catering be ordered?)
  • When rooms may need to be cleaned outside of normal hours
  • How many people are due to visit the offices (will hospitality be needed?)

You also have the ability to add a whole list of additional resources that can be allocated by staff to any diary event (eg. a portable projector can be reserved for a meeting).

This is just a small taste of what TOMMIE can do. For more, click here.