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Arrange Reminders

  • Auto-send emails to all meeting invitees
  • Auto-send late reminders

We've all done it – missed an important engagement because the date slipped clean out of our mind. But use TOMMIE to record all your meetings and appointments and this need never happen again.

TOMMIE can help in two ways. First, when you create a new meeting, you can choose to have TOMMIE automatically send you an email containing all the meeting information entered (other invited attendees will also receive an email). You will also be able to see the meeting clearly marked on the Calendar pages, your own initials easy to spot.

Secondly, you have the option of requesting a reminder. Just be sure the 'Send Reminder?' box is checked when you arrange a new meeting (it is by default). That way you and the other attendees will receive a confirmatory email at exactly the time your company administrator decides. This second email will once more detail all the key information you need, such as when and where the meeting is to be held, who will be in attendance, plus any other notes that may have been entered at the time, or even subsequently.

TOMMIE makes everything so easy, you'll soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

View an instant online demo that shows how TOMMIE reminds you!