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Fill-in Timesheets

  • Personalised job lists
  • Auto-totalling
  • Auto entry option
  • Notes feature

For those who have to account for their time, sometimes right down to the last few minutes, TOMMIE's 'Timesheets' module makes accurate record keeping simplicity itself.

A simple click on the 'Timesheets' tab will take you to your timesheet for the current week. You can fill in as many or as few entries as you wish, as TOMMIE will provide a limitless number of lines for you to record the details of your working days. There's a choice of two fields to enter descriptions (short and long form) and an auto-totaling feature which lets you keep track of the hours spent in any day, in any week, and against any Cost Centre/ Job Number/ Project Code. This feature is particularly useful for both your own future reference and also to help a colleague who may have to account for your hours or reconcile them with a budget.

For your added convenience, the screen that appears is neatly formatted with drop down menus pre-populated with the days of the current week (though you can always jump instantly to another week). You'll find the Cost Centre code list is automatically headed up by those that you have recently been using. Underneath there's a fully sorted list of all available codes and even a facility to perform a more detailed search if you are unsure about the classification.

Finally, if you choose to attach job codes to your meetings, you'll find an automatic timesheet entry matching the scheduled duration of each. TOMMIE makes everything so simple!

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