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Ever frustrated at the time it takes to get colleagues together? Or a room to actually meet in?

What about the weekend, when you realise you've forgotten next week's engagements? Or when you're away on business and would like to use your dead time to file your expenses? Times when you wish you were better informed, better connected.

TOMMIE addresses these and many other frustrations with just a couple of clicks, wherever you happen to be. All you need is internet access to . . .


Arrange Meetings

TOMMIE makes fixing business meetings and private appointments fast and simple. Just one click on the shared office calendar and the 'Instant Meeting' screen is launched. Clear drop down menus allow you to pick the date, time and location, while another lets you categorise your meeting by type.

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Reserve Facilities

Ever walked to a conference room for an important meeting only to find it's already occupied? Or had your meeting allocated to the wrong room, the one without the facilities you need? Or been frustrated by not knowing which, if any, facility is even available? TOMMIE can see to it that the right rooms and equipment are reserved and allocated to the right people, at the right time, on the right day.

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Record Tasks & Memos

Don't let those tasks slip away from you! Use TOMMIE to list all your tasks, then prioritise them, either by date or by degree of urgency. Colour code them by type if you wish, then get TOMMIE to remind you when they're due. And if you're just looking for a simple electronic notepad, the Memo function is available to you from anywhere. Brilliant!

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Book Holiday Dates

Choosing just when to take your precious vacation time can be a bit of a nightmare – so why not let TOMMIE help you? Find out quickly who is away and when, how many days allowance you have left, and what meetings you are already booked in to attend. Then book your dates online!

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Share Office Diaries

Sometimes you'll want the fully shared office calendar to see what everyone's doing at a certain time – how else are you going to pick the best date for the office party?! At other times, you'll want to cut through all the clutter and just look at your own appointments. You may even want to be more precise and view, say, only your customer meetings for the coming week.

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Arrange Reminders

We've all done it – missed an important engagement because the date slipped clean out of our mind. But use TOMMIE to record all your meetings and appointments and this need never happen again.

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Do Your Expenses

Everyone hates the hassle of doing expenses – one of the reasons why TOMMIE is becoming so popular! TOMMIE offers you a clearly formatted 'smart' table which takes a lot of the grunt work out of completing your claim. And since TOMMIE works for you 24/7, you can enter your expense details any time you like – at the end of every month, every day, even on the train between meetings if that suits you.

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Manage Contacts

Whether you're at home at the weekend and want to track down a colleague, or out on the road and need to look up a client's email address, or even just sitting at your desk in normal working hours, TOMMIE's easy-to-access 'Contacts' feature is ready to help you find just the information you're looking for.

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Fill-in Timesheets

For those who have to account for their time, sometimes right down to the last 10 minutes, TOMMIE's 'Timesheets' module makes accurate record keeping simplicity itself.

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