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Be the best meeting maker

Arrange Meetings

  • Select date, time, location
  • Make private meetings 'invisible'
  • Categorise meetings by type
  • Use colour codes for clarity
  • Embed detailed notes and URL's
  • Invite attendees automatically
  • Auto distribute agendas etc.
  • Auto email reminders
  • Ban conflicts

TOMMIE makes fixing business meetings and private appointments fast and simple. Just one click on the shared office calendar and the 'Instant Meeting' screen is launched.

Clear drop down menus allow you to pick the date, time and location of your meeting, while another lets you categorise your meeting by type. People you wish to invite to the meeting can be selected from a pre-populated list of either all colleagues or a sub-set (e.g. the Marketing Department only) or even directly from your company's contacts list. There's space for meeting notes to be added, in case you'd like your invitees to do some background reading/ research beforehand. Before you save the meeting you can choose to ask TOMMIE to send a meeting reminder to all invitees before it is due to take place.

Advanced options allow you to book facilities (eg. projector), automatically distribute a related document (eg. an agenda) and even categorise the meeting by job code.

What if the meeting room you choose is already booked, or if one of your invitees is away on vacation at the time? No problem. TOMMIE will immediately advise you of the conflict and ask you to try alternatives. What's more, you can choose to configure TOMMIE to totally reject conflicts, so you simply CANNOT make a double-booking. TOMMIE manages everyone's diary beautifully!

What if you want to put in a staff review, or a doctor's appointment, or some other meeting you prefer to keep private? Simply check the box marked 'private' and details of the entry will only be visible to you and the other attendees (others will see that you are unavailable but that's all).

From start to finish, arranging a meeting takes only a few seconds.

View our online demo now and see how easy it is to arrange meetings.