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Manage Your Office Online


Total Office Management Made Incredibly Easy – that's TOMMIE. For the first time, you can now take control of your office's most important administrative functions without the need to invest in expensive software or embark on a never ending upgrade programme. Forget technology. TOMMIE is fast, easy and secure. It just works, wherever you are . . .

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There are very few options for those who want to coordinate and manage their office affairs from both their desk and somewhere (anywhere!) else. Even if you do find something that appears to be an alternative, you'll soon see there really isn't anything that . . .

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Ever been frustrated at how hard it can be to get things done – like fix a meeting, book a room, get your holiday approved, find one of your colleague's contacts, do your expenses to the Accounts Department's satisfaction? Try TOMMIE today and see your frustrations evaporate!

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It's no good just telling your staff to keep more records or get themselves better organised – you must give them the tools to help themselves. Not only is TOMMIE completely intuitive, attractive and easy to use – it also empowers staff to bring order to their working days, freeing them up to focus on what really matters – the business!

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TOMMIE solves so many common business issues and gripes that it really is suitable for a vast range of people. Visit this section for a few examples . . .

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Is TOMMIE right for your size or type of company? The FREE 30 DAY TRIAL makes deciding fast and risk free, but you may wish to read about its versatility first . . .

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TOMMIE allows extensive colour customisation of its interface. You can also upload your company logo to all screens including the login page, the help screens and even all mobile screens!

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Because TOMMIE is web-based, technology concerns can be largely dismissed. Forget compatibility or software version issues. Don't worry about how many licences your company has to buy, or renew. TOMMIE's online, and the web's here to stay!

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TOMMIE was originally created by Monitor Media, a long established and well respected web development company.

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