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The Best Online Office System

Vodafone Certified Application, PcPro 5 stars, MacUse 4 stars
Mobile office application for iPhone, Smartphones and Windows Mobile devices
The best online office system

Choose The Best - Choose TOMMIE

There are very few options for those who want to coordinate and manage their office affairs from both their desk and somewhere (anywhere!) else. Even if you do find something that appears to be an alternative, you'll soon see there really isn't anything that can compete with TOMMIE's superb functionality, elegant interface, extensive management reporting and outstanding value.


Fast & easy set-up

TOMMIE's set-up screens make it incredibly easy to get up and running. Thoughtfully designed and carefully worded, even a novice should have no problems whatsoever. In fact you'll wonder how such a powerful application should look and feel so easy to use.



Beautiful to use

If 'great' software doesn't look and feel great too, then actually it isn't great after all. When designing TOMMIE, we set out not just to build the best front and back office system possible, but also to ensure it was an intuitive joy to use. Since usability stems largely from interface design, it's no coincidence that we put so much time into how TOMMIE looks. Don't settle for ugly and awkward software!



ISO 27001 security levels

Our company's Information Security Standards covers things like data storage and back-up solutions as well as firewall systems and confidentiality procedures. It gives you all the comfort you need when looking for an online service to hold and serve your own company's precious data.



Custom design options

Using TOMMIE's inbuilt 'Theme' facility, you can customise the 'Look & Feel' of all your TOMMIE screens, for example to suit your company's identity. You can also upload your company logo to all screens including the login page, the help screens and even all mobile screens!



Simple, transparent pricing

We get so frustrated by companies who insist on complicated pricing structures. TOMMIE is different. Just a single flat rate offering fantastic value for money. This makes budgeting a doddle. Want to know how much it would cost to add 15 people to the system? Or take 5 off? At just 10 pence per user per day, the maths won't be a problem!



No advance billing

We won't ask for your payment details until you've given TOMMIE a lengthy free trial. Even then, we don't ask for any money up front. In fact, you will only be charged for TOMMIE at the end of every month's usage. So if at any time you choose to stop using TOMMIE, you will only ever have paid for the precise number of days that you used the system.



Works with PDAs and mobile phones

Forget syncing - TOMMIE is a fully live system accessed in real time in multiple different ways. Since more and more people use WiFi hotspots or 3G to access the web via iPhones, Smartphones and PDAs, we designed TOMMIE to work with a whole range of such devices. Even if you have no immediate plans to use TOMMIE this way, isn't it nice to know that you have options!



Ensure legal compliance

Since October 2004, when the final part of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) came into force, it has become a legal requirement for all online applications and websites to be 'accessible'. By providing TOMMIE for their staff, caring employers will take great comfort from knowing that they have chosen a system that's both responsible and legal. TOMMIE is designed to be level 2 compliant or 'AA', a standard that most UK government websites adhere to and commonly regarded as 'accessible'.



Unmatched back office reporting functionality

Superb management reporting is just one of TOMMIE's many advantages. Detailed time management and expenses reports give real insight into the true costs of running the business, whilst the HR department will be thrilled at the ease with which personnel records, holidays and sickness can be managed and understood.



No software to download

Give your IT guys the day off! Because TOMMIE is entirely web-based, all you need is a standard web browser. And now that browsers are found in ever-more devices, such as mobiles and PDAs, TOMMIE can be accessed from ever-more places. Importantly, no extra software is required. No downloads, no installs, no upgrades to worry about, no wondering if you're using the latest version. With TOMMIE, you'll ALWAYS be using the right version!



No server requirements

TOMMIE sits on our own servers, meaning you don't have to worry about any hardware purchase, software configuration, security, maintenance or anything else. Ever!



No complicated licensing

Refreshingly, there are absolutely NO complicated licensing arrangements with TOMMIE. The license is extremely clear and straightforward and you can add extra users to the system in just seconds. Removing users is just as simple, and you'll never have to do any difficult licensing calculations or fill in any online licensing forms. Like every other aspect of TOMMIE, it's all about simplicity.



No virus worries

The next time you hear about the latest virus wreaking havoc in the business world, your first course of action should be . . . nothing! Because you are not using any special software there is nothing at 'your end' that can be affected. Relax in the knowledge that your data is being held safe on TOMMIE's secure servers, constantly screened, constantly backed up. That's one big headache your IT people need never have!



Completely scalable

TOMMIE was designed to be completely scalable. Since it works with small, medium and large sized enterprises, every user can draw confidence that the system will grow with their needs. From one user to one thousand, TOMMIE is flexible enough to cope at every step.



Multiple timezone handling

If you have offices in different timezones, or even if you're travelling between timezones, TOMMIE makes it easy for you to run on local time. No need to keep changing meeting details for other people in different zones!