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Reliable Web Office

Mobile office application for iPhone, Smartphones and Windows Mobile devices

Built With Proven Technology

First of all, don't panic! Since TOMMIE is based entirely on proven web standards, and since it is so reliable, most users will never have any need to wonder what technology drives TOMMIE. It's entirely intuitive to use and no technical expertise is required whatsoever.

For those who are interested, we can tell you the following: we used industry standard open source development standards to build TOMMIE. This makes it stable, fast and dependable.

To make sure that TOMMIE is always available to you, it is hosted in a managed private cloud with a provider that has secure and climate-controlled data centres, comprehensive monitoring and 24/7/365 incident reaction and management capability. This cloud offers agility, performance, scalable capacity and excellent security and compliance, as well as offering 99.995% availability. As for your data, it is backed up nightly and stored in 2 separate locations, leaving you with little more to worry about than whether it's time for another cup of tea yet...!