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Management Systems Online

Online vacation management system

Manage Holidays

  • Plan better - avoid conflicts
  • Check/ edit staff entitlements
  • Record all days booked/ already taken
  • Manage unused allocations
  • Automate approvals

One of the most emotive subjects among staff often gives rise to some of management's biggest headaches. And whilst everyone agrees on the importance of getting it right, too many holiday decisions are based on old-fashioned wallcharts or incomplete information. TOMMIE gives decision makers superb information on entitlement and usage and automates the entire application and approval system, making mistakes a thing of the past.

Instead of a colleague thrusting a piece of paper under your nose and pleading with you to approve their holiday request before you've had a chance to check who else is away or even whether or not there are a sufficient number of days left, TOMMIE handles everything.

Assuming you are their line manager, after a member of staff has used TOMMIE to request their holiday, you will receive an email like the one below. (clickable example).

To approve the request you simply click on the embedded hyperlink to take you through to the applicant's holiday summary page. There, on a single screen, you can quickly see all the key information you need to make your decision. You can choose between clicking on either an 'Approve' or a 'Decline' button, after having seen when their last holiday was taken, or when their next (already approved) holiday is due, or who else is due to be away at the same time.

Better information leads to better decisions, and the upheavals caused by bad holiday planning can be largely avoided thanks to TOMMIE's comprehensive information display.

Click here for a demo and see how easy and trouble free holiday allocation can be.