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Management Systems Online

Online officer manager

Review Office Activity

  • Instant activity review
  • Detailed timesheet reports
  • Filter by activity type
  • Filter by person
  • Filter by job code
  • View holidays and sickness days
  • Never miss a birthday!

Even in relatively small organisations it can be hard to see what everyone on the team is up to. Go out of the office for a few days and the picture can quickly become very murky indeed. However, even a quick glance at TOMMIE's main summary screens reveals an astonishing amount of detail and gives managers real insight, wherever they may be!

The shared Calendar view makes it easy to see what days are busy. But that's just the beginning. Managers are more likely to want to understand the 'type' of activity, and who is stretched and who appears to be quiet.

So, that same Calendar screen view can be fine tuned by applying the 'Person' filter, allowing you to see which of your staff have meetings and which don't. Or say you set up 'New Business' as one of your meeting types - using the 'Meeting Type' filter to view only New Business meetings, you can quickly see if the company is arranging and attending enough of them. Absenteeism through sickness or planned vacation can be seen instantly.

TOMMIE also allows you to apply any combination of the two filter types, so for example you can see how many 'New Business' meetings have been, or are due to be, attended by which individuals.

Add to this a third filter for job codes, the clever use of icons to denote people away on holiday, off sick and so on, plus colour-coded meeting types and flashing alerts for meeting conflicts, and the overall picture becomes remarkably clear.

Click here for a demo and see how much insight TOMMIE can provide.