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Management Systems Online

Web office system for staff

Empower Your Staff

It's no good just telling your staff to keep more records or get themselves better organised – you must give them the tools to help themselves. Not only is TOMMIE completely intuitive, attractive and easy to use – it also empowers staff to bring order to their working days, freeing them up to focus on what really matters – the business!

In fact, the more you consider what it can do, the more you realise that giving your staff TOMMIE will probably make you extremely popular indeed! Everyone in the organisation will have their own favourite features, things that make their working day easier – for a reminder, click on one of the links below to visit a summary customised to different job functions.

And whilst it makes a lot of sense to set TOMMIE as the homepage in everyone's browsers, you'll probably find you won't need to make that official company policy – staff will just want to do it anyway.