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Staff attendance manager

Check Attendance

  • Reward dedication
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Instant information
  • Review sick days by individual, by group or company-wide
  • Review absenteeism by individual, by group or company-wide
  • Review historical holiday data by individual, by group or company-wide
  • Check forthcoming holidays

Sick days have long been used as a measure of company or departmental 'health', literally and figuratively. Is there a telling pattern to an individual's or a department's sickness record? Whose exemplary attendance records are worth recognition? TOMMIE gives managers real insight into this sensitive but important area, and helps reduce the number of sick days taken too.

Of course, TOMMIE needs the right information to start with. No problem. Any suitably authorised person (e.g. a department head) can easily register an individual's absence from the workplace. Just a couple of clicks and the admin area is opened up to allow a user to enter not only the name and the date(s) but also whether or not the absence is recorded as a 'sick day' or whether it is 'unexplained'.

Checking attendance records is quick and easy. As a manager with greater access privileges, a single click will show the attendance record of any employee, for example allowing you to compare year-by-year data. Absenteeism patterns can be spotted, as can genuine sickness, allowing you to respond in the appropriate manner.

Easy access to such information allows managers to take more interest in the health of all their staff, something everyone should welcome. It may also alert you to persistent absenteeism, the scale of which may have previously escaped you.

Reward Dedication!

It's easy to take for granted the efforts of those who turn up for work, every day of every year, on time and ready to get going. Managers are often more concerned with covering the gaps left by sickness and absenteeism rather than recognising the efforts of those whose reliability is thoroughly deserving of recognition. TOMMIE's summary screens clearly show which of your staff are the real troopers!

Reduce Absenteeism!

And perhaps because staff know that TOMMIE's Calendar screens always show every user who is out of the office with sickness and everyone who is merely absent, we have found that absenteeism rates actually fall wherever TOMMIE is used. This alone makes TOMMIE worth every one of its 10 pennies per person per day!

Click here for a demo and see how easy it is to get an attendance report.