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Management Systems Online

Online expenses management

Review Expenses

  • Review and approve/ reject expenses online
  • Review expense history by employee and by time period
  • Check expense history by the type/ category
  • View aggregate expenses by all employees, by type and by time period

Managers (and certainly accountants and tax inspectors) rightly need to know where expenses are being incurred. Which jobs are 'hiding' the most expense costs? Which clients have received too much entertainment, or perhaps too little? And which employees have got a grip on their expenses? Have the accounts department got all the answers to hand? TOMMIE has!

Giving your staff a superb expenses system is an important first step. Real insight into expenses is then facilitated by the way TOMMIE provides a detailed summary on each person's individual expense claims. But more than that, group or company-wide summaries can be selected and then filtered by type. This allows you to see how much the company has spent on entertaining over, say, the course of a year, and how this compares to the previous year. Or how many expenses have been allocated to a particular job number between any two user-definable dates. Or multiple filters can be applied to drill down to the core – what type of expenses have been incurred on which projects, by which staff, over what period.

Click here for a demo that shows how easy it is to properly understand your company's expenses.