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Drive Efficiency, Build Profit

Offices using TOMMIE just seem to run more smoothly. You'll appreciate how easy it is to keep track of everything from diary dates to expenses and timesheets to holidays. Meetings are quick to arrange and neither staff nor venues need ever be double-booked. Key individuals do not end up taking holidays at the same time and their expenses are transparent and simple to reconcile. Customisable timesheet summaries allow for easy analysis of job profitability and key contacts are available centrally, not buried in an individual's pocket diary.

Thanks to the tremendous amount of management information TOMMIE generates, its ease of access and clear display, TOMMIE is as popular with managers as it is with the staff who use it every hour of the working day.

TOMMIE drives efficiency, and as we all know, an efficient office is a profitable office. Costing just 10 pence per employee per day, TOMMIE is probably the easiest investment decision your company will ever take.


Review Office Activity

Even in relatively small organisations it can be hard to see what everyone is up to. Go out of the office for a few days and the picture can quickly become very murky indeed. However, even a quick glance at TOMMIE's main summary screens reveals an astonishing amount of detail and gives managers real insight, wherever they may be!

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Reconcile Job Costs

How do you calculate the REAL costs of a job? Supplier costs alone are not sufficient. Managers need to know what human resources went into delivering which job – and which people spent how long and in what timeframe? Also, what were their associated expenses? TOMMIE has the answers . . .

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Check Attendance

Is there a telling pattern to an individual's or a department's sickness record? Whose exemplary attendance records are worth recognition? TOMMIE gives managers real insight into this sensitive but important area, and helps reduce the number of sick days taken too!

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Manage Holidays

Whilst everyone agrees on the importance of getting it right, too many holiday decisions are based on old-fashioned wallcharts or incomplete information. TOMMIE gives decision makers superb information on entitlement and usage and automates the entire application and approval system, making mistakes a thing of the past.

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Manage Job Codes

Many organisations allocate resource and costs to projects using a system of job codes or numbers. Others may not break information down by job, but still like to keep a record of which clients or customers are responsible for which time costs or expenses. If your company uses such a system, TOMMIE will ensure that everyone uses the same list of codes, always current, always precise.

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Review Expenses

Which jobs are 'hiding' the most expense costs? Which clients have received too much entertainment, or perhaps too little? And which employees have got a grip on their expenses? Have the accounts department got all the answers to hand? TOMMIE has!

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Create Management Reports

Snapshots of Key Performance Indicators are all well and good, but what managers often find more useful is trend analysis. Since TOMMIE is built around a superb database, managers can access all key metrics by date range, so allowing for quick and easy generation of valuable management reports and period-on-period comparisons.

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Empower Your Staff

It's no good just telling your staff to keep more records or get themselves better organised – you must give them the tools to help themselves. Not only is TOMMIE completely intuitive, attractive and easy to use – it also empowers staff to bring order to their working days, freeing them up to focus on what really matters – the business!

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